All Things Breastfeeding

S.S Locke - 12th Feb 17

Do you want to know a secret? Come on in close now. Ready? Women… have… BREASTS! I’m just going to allow you a moment to comprehend that fact. All better? Please, close your half-open mouths, take away those hands from shielding your eyes. You...

You know you are a parent when…(part 1)

Candid Daddy - 25th Jan 17

It might just be me, but you know you are a parent when… 1.  Your empathy for other people’s tiredness is calculated on how many children they have.  “Oh little Theo was up last night…? That’s sounds like torture…we had the same too with...

8 Things I Hate About Parenting

Sam Avery - 11th Jan 17

I love my kids more than anything but here’s the 8 Things I Hate About Parenting… 1.THE NEVERENDING RESPONSIBILITY You’ve had a shit day in work. You’re tired, frustrated and on the brink of snapping. All you want to do is lie on the...

Surviving Christmas With A Toddler

Unlikely Dad - 16th Dec 16

This might have been written a million times before, by many a father and many a mother. Christmas with a toddler is like no other. For so many wonderful, contradictory reasons… Celebrating the season, with children completely renews the magic you experienced as a child. Those...


Daddy Uncool - 15th Nov 16

Just before Halloween, Blondie was “in the zone”, pretending to be a witch and threatening to turn me into various animals. You know, the usual stuff. At some point she decided I was a ghost, so I made a “wooo” noise at her. This...

Guys and Dolls

Jamie Day - 10th Dec 16

My son Arlo has just turned one. How the hell did that happen? Time has flown faster than a pimped-out turbo boosted Pinky Ponk. Now for anyone who hasn’t seen my son, and I ask you, why the hell aren’t you following my Instagram(!),...

So…what’s it like being a dad?

Bradley Gerrard - 16th Sep 16

The benefit of knowing someone who has experience of something you’re about to go through is usually a fantastic thing. They can answer all your questions and reassure you it’ll be fine if you try to do this or avoid that. But a recent...

From Lad to Dad: A Story of Male Body Insecurity

Paul Webster - 12th Oct 16

I have never liked my body. There, I said it. I look at myself and I don’t see a trim body shape, that is well within a healthy BMI. Instead I see an untoned, pale and scrawny frame, with a few podgey bits due...

The decimation of never

Bradley Gerrard - 27th Oct 16

Before we had our daughter we really wondered what all the fuss was about where being in control and ‘doing the right thing’ was concerned. Yeah, we know it’s going to be difficult, we retorted to those striking a cautionary tone aimed at helping...

Do I Want to be A Hipster Dad?

David Coppi - 25th Aug 16

As a new dad, I desperately want to be cool in my daughter’s eyes. Sure, she’s only nine months old but there will come a time when she’ll work out what sort of dad I am. At the moment I’m the skinny jeans, faded...

Is it A Boy or a Girl?

BonjourMini - 28th Jun 16

We decided that we would go with the surprise option on whether we would find out the gender of Mini or not. So here I pose the question, will it be a ‘Girl Mini’ or a ‘Boy Mini’ and the responses we get to...

Father Into The Future

Ian Watson - 7th Oct 16

I’m a relatively old dad. At 46, with a 22-month-old I’ve found myself in a weird situation. Most dads are a single generation away from their kids but technically I could have grand kids my son’s age. How will I relate to him and...

Dad: The Forgotten Parent

Aaron Sylvester - 17th Jun 16

Now let’s talk about our Daddy issues, come on we all have at least one. Better still lets talk about fatherhood, because after this weekend and if the media has its way the man who helped bring you into this world will no doubt...

Baby on a Plane

Ben Wiffen - 25th Jun 16

As a younger man, I vowed never to take any future children on a plane. My wife and I lived in Amsterdam for three years before coming back to start a family and we flew often for weekend getaways or to see family in...

All-too-absent Father

Steve Gray - 18th Jun 16

  19 is a great age to make a career choice!  You’re young, fearless and full of ambition!  But what happens later on, when you’re life and circumstances have changed?  When you’re no longer just looking-out for number 1?  How do we cope when we have...

The 1st Haircut

Jack Lemon - 21st Jun 16

By all accounts my son has a fairly impressive head of hair. When wet it can reach as far as the middle of his back. But things were getting out of hand. I’m all for the ‘surfer’ dude look but the boy has to...

You’re exceptional but not the exception

Bradley Gerrard - 22nd Jul 16

It’s common to think everyone else around you with children is dealing with it all so much better. Why is it you imagine they must be coping with those multiple wake-ups with ease and grace compared to your bitchy altercations with one another at...

A new world: A letter to my daughter

Bradley Gerrard - 24th Jun 16

I’ve woken up this morning to a country I don’t recognise, my love. One which has voted to leave the European Union in the belief it can be better outside. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement but an even more overwhelming emotion is...

The Questions You Should Never Ask a Gay Dad

Unlikely Dad - 22nd Dec 16

I know being a gay, single or adoptive dad might not be the 2.4 that many people are used to. And that’s fine, but...

Is there space in my heart for two?

Gregory Stanton - 21st Oct 16

Below is an unedited outpouring of my thoughts, and emotions, sure it jumps around a little and I may take an odd tangent or...


All Things Breastfeeding

S.S Locke - 12th Feb 17

Do you want to know a secret? Come on in close now. Ready? Women…...

6 thoughts from 6 months

Adam Parkhouse - 20th Jan 17

Six months (185 days) in. This time 6 months ago, I was sat next...
Kid enjoying a Wimpy Burger at Brean Leisure Park in Somerset

The Dirty Burger.

Dad's Diary - 5th Jan 17

Son, I owe you an apology. I bundled you in the car after our...

I don’t connect…

This Modern Dad - 28th Dec 16

It’s been a long time since I last wrote something; and the reason for...


The decimation of never

Bradley Gerrard - 27th Oct 16

Before we had our daughter we really wondered what all the fuss was about...

The Guide To Kid’s Parties

Unlikely Dad - 17th Oct 16

Aren’t they the best? *said through a slightly hysterical forced smile* Whether it is...

Father Into The Future

Ian Watson - 7th Oct 16

I’m a relatively old dad. At 46, with a 22-month-old I’ve found myself in...

I’ll Always Be Here

Ian Watson - 10th Sep 16

My son, Cooper, is 22 months old. This week just gone I was alone...


Ode to Sleep

Thegratefuldad - 5th Sep 16

Sleep! Remember that?! When you tell people that you’re expecting (as a couple in...

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