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Let’s cast aside helium balloons that say ‘LOVELY MUM’ and soft toy Teddies clutching velvet hearts. And let’s also forget chocolates, pastel-coloured orchids and silky scarves. Let’s instead think about the things that will TRULY count and help Mum feel super relaxed and chilled out for the big day.

Here’s our list of ‘alternative Mother’s Day’ presents…

A BIG FAT lie in

This is possibly the most luxurious present ever. Even if she’s awake, insist she stays in bed, bring her a cup of tea, a good book, breakfast…maybe even lunch. If she’s still in bed by teatime don’t criticise, just remember it’s the one day in the entire year when she’s decided not to get out of bed and good for her!

A good old TIDY UP

There is nothing that makes a woman feel better than coming down to a house that is super organised and tidy. Sometimes the BIG FAT lie in can be a waste of time if the house is a complete mess when she comes downstairs (and Mum may just get back into bed again and utter a few rude words in your direction)


Don’t worry about ordering expensive flowers or rushing to the garage to get a bunch of carnations. Instead take the kids on a walk and see if you can pick some nice ones (ideally not from a neighbours garden). Even a bunch of daisies will be appreciated.

A home cooked meal/takeaway

This is fairly self-explanatory.

Homemade cards

There are so many cards to choose from with every poem/ode imaginable inside but the loveliest cards are the ones that are homemade and have bits of glitter/card/glue dangling off them. These are nicer than any glossy, shop-bought card. These are the ones that really remind Mums why they’re doing all this stuff in the first place.

A REALLY nice bath oil

It’s worth saying that a really, nice bath oil (like a pricey one that’ll last a long time and has essential oils in it) really does the trick. This is especially true if you run the bath beforehand and make sure it’s a good, hot temperature (not the tepid kid-friendly one). Ensure children are kept away as this is truly an occasion when Mum doesn’t want to soak in a tub full of pee and child muck.

So there’s our list of definitive Mother’s Day gifts. Choose any of these and your other half will be delirious with happiness.

P.S. One of our lovely The FMLY store sweats also make FANTASTIC Mother’s Day presents…check them out here:

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