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Rio Bravery

- 29th Mar 17

Last night at 9pm, along with what felt like the rest of the country, I was given access to a family still grieving the loss of a mother, wife and best friend.

I can’t claim to be football fan, preferring the egg shaped ball instead, although this is incidental, as it wasn’t about football- it just so happens that the person involved at the centre of this tragic story is Rio Ferdinand and his wife.

I must admit that I struggled to watch this excellent programme because of the high emotion it created. Rio lost his wife to breast cancer not long ago, leaving behind a young family and husband. The cameras offered real insight on the impact on the family.

Possibly like many others watching I felt overwhelmed by thinking ‘what if’. The mind boggles at the thought. I do find myself considering my own mortality from time to time and the impact it would have on my family.

As I watched evidence of the wealth that Premiership football has provided it also struck me how meaningless this was overall. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness but it can help. Yet during this programme there were moments where I felt that could never be true.

Another thing that really stood out throughout was my own desire to want to help. I just wanted Rio to open up and let his emotion flow out. When he showed signs of this, it gave me comfort. I really felt that this would be good for him and his kids.

There is no getting away that this is a sad story yet so many of the people filmed were showing great courage. Darren Clarke did a great job, having gone through this himself and said that ultimately one has to move on with joy of what has been, rather than regret.

After the show I came across Winston’s Wish, a charity that helps families that have suffered bereavement. I mention this in case anyone is looking for a place to turn for help.

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A father of 2 young girls and master of none! After 17 years in financial services I decided, at the time of becoming a dad, to retrain as an Executive & Personal Coach, in order to follow my passion and set an example to the two most important people in my life. As men face more challenges then ever before, I have started to specialise in helping organisations and individuals learn to overcome these through coaching. I love seeing the change this makes to performance and on a more personal note I never tire of getting feedback from wives and children saying thanks for helping their dad.

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