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Make it stop

And it starts

After the splashed up hashed up last dash battle out the bath again,

We take it up a notch with the old pyjama dance again,

The stringing-out chancing that makes me the referee.

Actually, come to think of it, that’s what I’ll always be,

An omni-present, fairly pleasant, worn-out judge,

Making rules up on the spot, all the time, I won’t budge.

Ok, sometimes I will.

But this is bloody bedtime, and we’ve got it down to military

precision is key, dilly dallying the enemy,

I do the worst thing, which its stop to think what’s left;

Drying, nappies, hairbrush, school book, story, into bed,

I wasn’t going to have a drink tonight but actually, instead,

I think I might.

Stop thinking, get back into it, these people are half dressed,

And white noise from the baby’s not helping with the stress

Levels of patience grow thin with me and mum,

The other two don’t notice, crack on with jokes about their bum,

Now they’re saying something to me, I nod and give a ‘YEP’,

While directing tangle teasing and filling cotton limbs with flesh.

Now we’re done, white noise turned off, turned golden,

Tiptoe out the room as the baby’s eyes are closing,

We would be on our way but one little thing I missed,

Not everyone gave the baby A CUDDLE AND A KISS,

One wriggles, other giggles and speed waddles straight back in,

Launches onto baby who launches into din,

I thought you had her, get her off, get them downstairs now,

I grab a child, get out, close the door, I don’t know how

This happened. To me.

But now we’re down, on the sofa, with a book or two or three,

And my whole world is snuggled in tightly on my knee,

One leans on my chest, one tells me what we’ve read,

And the smell of their freshly shampooed little heads

Is too much. I have everything.

And I just want time to stop.

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I'm a dad, writer and cap'n of, which is kind of a hoverboard for the minefield that is buying baby kit. I'll soon be putting a collection of poems on a different site, but haven't got round to it yet due to having a wide collection of children.

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