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Please excuse the Monday profanity.

After a splendid weekend, M and I are sitting eating breakfast.

Well, I am typing on the computer and M is transfixed by Teletubbies.

Breakfast is almost always the most successful meal of the day, served in four courses – cereal (melty hoops and raisins with a sprinkling of alpha bites), then some chopped banana, then a spoonful of vitamins, and lastly some toast with crusts.

I have an all action system now where I can rustle up these dishes and even incorporate my own breakfast AND M’s packed lunch, whist we both eat.

The weekend saw a visit to the bee infested lavender gardens in Banstead – a very picturesque field with almost as many tourists as insects.

Yesterday was the Ride London cycle event – this kept M entertained, with the cyclists, cheering crowds and friendly Metropolitan Police bikers firing their sirens.

And suddenly its Monday again.




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Fully grown man-child, looking after the daily needs of my almost two year old (going on teenage) daughter, while Mum commutes into London. Very tired.

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