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It’s weird. I’ve got 2 kids now, 6 months and 2 and a quarter, yet the past couple of years has gone so quickly I can barely remember it. I remember thinking about how my dad was ‘old’ and not cool, and then like a sneaky rugby tackle from behind everything has suddenly flip reversed itself.

He’s only 2 but my son is definitely cooler than me. He demonstrated this by demanding to wear his holiday hat to go to nursery the other morning.

My son is cooler than me

But what are you going to do? I’m certainly not going to start wearing a trilby around. I know some people do (and wear it well) but it’s never been a look I could pull off.

So I accept it, and beam with pride as he strolls into nursery waving hi to his friends. He’s such a dude. Was I ever this cool? I don’t think so!


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Father of 2, keen cyclist and Arsenal Fan living in South East London.

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