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I have been thinking of writing a blog for a while, my wife started one shortly after our daughter was born last year, I was expecting to be slated but to be fair she hasn’t… yet!

Today is my birthday, my 32nd, I have had some pretty good ones in some decent places, Dublin, Marrakech, Egypt and Turkey in recent years have all been good, even if I was in Sheffield i’d be in a bar celebrating.

Not this year though, I have just changed a nappy and my wife took our daughter up for a ‘nap’, we’ve had around 40  minutes of laughing and ‘HIYA’ but she now appears to be asleep and its a cuppa tea in my hand not a pint of lager…

But, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m pleased I celebrated my birthday differently in my 20s but now my daughter amazes me and makes me more proud each and every day, she also  got me a ‘PAPA’ sweater for my birthday which looks awesome!

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Nicholas Lowe

32 year old dad to a beautiful daughter, Ava, born in February 2015. Apart from 'dadding' my main interest is football (soccer) and I am a massive Sheffield Wednesday fan!

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