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Mad World

- 4th May 17

The threat of World War III, nuclear strikes, governments not knowing what the hell they are actually doing and cuts to all important services like healthcare and education. What exactly is going on in the world? In an age where we have the ability to be more connected than ever, I feel we couldn‘t be more disconnected in so many areas.

Who signed up for this? I know I certainly didn‘t…

What does this mean for our kids? I am guilty of never really caring much for politics or the effects of coming out of the EU. But like a huge cliche, since becoming a dad it has made me conscious of the world I am raising my son in. When I was a kid, I was never subjected to anything from the news. I didn’t live in a perfect little world of fairytales, but the scary world news didn’t enter my mind. But i vividly remember one day before school, i must‘ve been 12. Tony Blair was outside Number 10 talking about bombing Iraq… and it really scared me. I remember it so well. I didn’t know what would happen. Would we be bombed in retaliation? Would we all be separated? Would i lose my family? It‘s way too much for a kid to think about.

I don‘t want my son to be subjected to this kind of news and negativity which is really just grown men and women in politics playing a game of “Whose dick is bigger“. With the internet, smart TVs, access to the world at every touch point it is scary what kids can find out and how much it could harm them. How can we as parents help them in delivering the messages of this sometimes majorly messed up world?

My son is three and has zero concept of the hair on his head let alone the world around him. But as he grows i want him to be well versed on all things happening in the world and what we can do to help and make the world we live in a better place. I believe it starts with being a good, decent person. But no doubt he’ll learn more about the wider political situation of the time. And all i can hope he is well rounded enough to take it as it comes and not be fearful of it. He just needs to do the best he can in his world and be the best person he can to his friends and loved ones. It starts at home.

I’ve skimmed past some pretty terrible/horrific videos on social media before now. Kids beating each other up, someone getting verbally abused on a tube… what the hell is going on? It does my head in that someone is filming these scenes and not sticking up for the victims. Granted, sometimes it’s a very dangrous position to be in. I just don‘t want this youth and culture to affect our kids… to become the norm and accepted. Our kids are so innocent and so loving in their nature. It is this exact behaviour and traits of our children that need to be nurtured and kept up as they grow older. Be more childlike. Be more gentle. Be more understanding. I want my son to grow up in a world full of love. Not hate.

First step… maybe turn off social media and don‘t ever buy a single newspaper, unless you want to believe the world is about to implode.



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Hi I'm Tom. I'm a dad. An adoptive dad. A gay dad. Not your 'normal' dad perhaps? My husband and I are 18 months in to life life with our 2.5 yr old. The days of city breaks and long weekends eating out are long gone, but replaced with the great outdoors and running around after our little boy and splashing in muddy puddles. I wouldn't change it for the world. You can follow my blog at or find me on Facebook @unlikelydad

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