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Seeking out coaching demonstrates the maturity to understand that in the 21st Century, it isn’t enough to be ‘good enough‘. You don’t have to face the challenge of self-improvement – going from good to great – alone.

Coaching can impart a fresh perspective and quality guidance to draw out your best and maintain momentum as you succeed.

Seeking performance coaching isn’t a sign of personal weakness, or that you can’t manage on your own. The highest quality coaching is as important to success for those in highly competitive businesses as it is to elite athletes.

In as few as eight meetings, you can clarify your own aspirations, overcome challenges and make significant progress towards your goals in life and work. The performance coaching advantage will be evident from the start, as an outside perspective helps to analyse and address entrenched issues.

The coaching relationship is one where the necessary pressure to excel is balanced with consistent motivation and support. As a proponent of Carl Rogers’ school of humanistic psychology, I believe in the power of authentic, interpersonal interactions to catalyse tangible change within people.

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A father of 2 young girls and master of none! After 17 years in financial services I decided, at the time of becoming a dad, to retrain as an Executive & Personal Coach, in order to follow my passion and set an example to the two most important people in my life. As men face more challenges then ever before, I have started to specialise in helping organisations and individuals learn to overcome these through coaching. I love seeing the change this makes to performance and on a more personal note I never tire of getting feedback from wives and children saying thanks for helping their dad.

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