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Over the past few years I have come across an increasing number of male clients that I coach that are amazed when I share with them that they are not alone in some of the issues they are coping with;

Masculinity – this is cropping up more and more. A few dads are ‘lucky’ that their wives have good jobs and they are not the breadwinner but they feel it has questioned their position in the home.

Emotion – I have definitely experienced more men crying and showing emotion than ever before.

Passive Aggression – one of the negative traits seen is the number that admit to, or are subject to, passive aggressive behaviour in work.

Depression – I have helped a number of clients access help for depression, or feelings that they are not used to.

Recently I have been approached by a large organisation to help them tackle these issues – we are referring to it as the rise of male vulnerability.

They have appointed me because as a coach I am unique. I was a rising star in banking, promoted during the banking crisis and had job security. I also became a father, had a health problem and all of a sudden started feeling suicidal but came through this all to retrain as a coach. I have experiences that allow me to empathise silently.

This is great but I need help. I know so many of my clients would benefit from hearing the challenges other men have suffered. I cannot use my own clients stories as these are private however if you are happy to share I would love to hear from you.

Please email me on


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A father of 2 young girls and master of none! After 17 years in financial services I decided, at the time of becoming a dad, to retrain as an Executive & Personal Coach, in order to follow my passion and set an example to the two most important people in my life. As men face more challenges then ever before, I have started to specialise in helping organisations and individuals learn to overcome these through coaching. I love seeing the change this makes to performance and on a more personal note I never tire of getting feedback from wives and children saying thanks for helping their dad.

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