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As parents, we all know how much time our kids spend glued to screens and can’t help but worry about its effect. Even with a 3 and 5 year old I find myself handing over the ipad all too often, only to feel guilty that it might not be good for them. Is it reducing their concentration span? Affecting their ability to socialise? Even stressing them out?

I work for a charity called Shift, and we’ve designed a new type of game that young people will love and you can be confident is good for them. Champions of the Shengha is a fantasy card-battling game that you win by staying calm. It’s played with a wearable sensor that tracks the player’s heart rate and the better they can regulate their emotions and focus in real life, the more powerful they are in the game.

Players duel against opponents and between rounds must gather their magical powers, like a real spellcaster might, by spending time practising the kind of diaphragmatic breathing that is widely recommended as a relaxation technique; the more successfully they regulate their breathing, the more gems they win to spend on weapons and spells to defeat their opponents.

We’ve run 5 impact trials testing the game, which has been shown to build emotional resilience in young people and reduce stress and anxiety, with players reporting that they applied the focusing techniques outside the game.

We’ve just launched Champions of the Shengha, along with our wearable heart rate sensor, for pre-order via indiegogo, A single player pack for android or IOS including sensor costs £40.

Get your copy now, and relax knowing your children’s gaming is reducing, not increasing, their stress levels.

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