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Father is an inspiration for every stage of our life. Someone must have rightly said that he is always the son’s first and last hero and a girl’s first and last love. He is equally closer to both his son and daughter and never compromises with the happiness of his children. So, for the upcoming father’s day, here are some father’s day gift ideas that you can apply in your routine and celebrate with lots of excitement.

Gift ideas for Dad

Books for bookworm dads:
Is your dad just like my dad who has a library of books? These kind of dads always make sure that their children gain something knowledgeable away from the textbooks also. Any latest release of book can be ordered for him or you can go ahead with a first copy of a classic novel which he totally adores. To add a personal touch to this gift type, you can prepare some cute bookmarks all by yourself. You would require only some colored pens, card boards, and ribbon.

Relaxing chair for retired dads:
If your dad has recently retired, this can be a nice gifts idea. Tell him that now it is your time to work, earn, keep him well, and take care of him just like he did for so long. He should just relax and spend his retirement in all those activities that he has always dreamed of. For example, he must try to learn French which has been a dream or travel to Spain.

Smartphone for gadget freak dads:
If he is a master in all the latest gadgets, you don’t have to think much in deciding hos gift – right? A latest smartphone that has every app he requires would be much appreciated by him. Surf the tech websites a bit and read reviews of the users and select the best one from the available lot. Along with this phone, you may think of a power bank so that his phone never goes out of charge.

Backpack and other essentials for traveler dads:
This kind of dads are the best ones because they always have the best adventurous stories ready for you. On this upcoming father’s day, get him a trendy backpack along with other essentials like torch, portable coffee maker, lighter, multi-functional key chain, map, moisturizer, mosquito repellant, etc. These are the things which are necessary to carry for travelling and he would appreciate your labor in finding the gifts.

Tuxedo and perfume combo for that classy dad:
Is he the most handsome one you have ever come across? If you think your dad is the best fashionista you have ever come across, a tuxedo with the world’s best perfumes would be a perfect kind of gift. He knows how to carry himself in every kind of situation and is always confidant about any condition, good or bad. He would look lovely in this tuxedo suit. Just put the perfumes like Giorogio Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, Cartier, or Gucci in this father’s day best gift set.

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Trishana Kashyap is a food lover and social media enthusiast. Being A Writer/Blogger/Explorer, she finds nothing more beautiful than framing emotions into words. Apart from work she loves gardening and cartooning.

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