Choosing Between Soft and Hard Backpack Armor

A hybrid soft armor is a great choice for anyone who wants maximum protection and weight efficiency. It is made from industry-leading materials such as Honeywell Spectra Shield(r) and Gold Shield(r) ballistic fabrics, while remaining ultra-thin and lightweight. A piece of this type of body armor is only 0.25 inches thick, and weighs a mere 1.04 pounds. These products have been used by soldiers and police officers in combat and other situations where protection is crucial.

It is also a great choice for situations where no one will know you’re wearing a protective vest. The flexibility of a flexible armor helps you maintain your maneuverability. You can still protect yourself from blunt force trauma or gunshots without worrying about the armor catching on fire. The best soft armor has five uniform buttons, which are hidden behind the zipper pull. There are even attach points for a radio microphone. It’s made from space mesh, which provides the most ventilation and is one of the best antimicrobial protection systems on the market.

Another option is hard plate reinforced soft armor. These vests are made to protect from rifle rounds. They contain metal or ceramic plates to help them flex when hit. These plates provide extra resistance against rifle rounds and other objects that are able to penetrate the vest. Many police officers and private security guards use soft vests for protection and comfort. However, these vests aren’t ideal for everyone. If you’re looking for a more durable vest, you should look into a modular vest.

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